ten things tuesday

Ten things about today:

Two things that I am grateful for today:
1.  The weather this afternoon was lovely--sunny, bright, snow is melting!
2.  I am grateful for my cluttered apartment, my safe haven.  This marks my 27th year living here.

Two things that made today great:
3. My friend, Jess, brought me some leftovers from her dinner and it was delicious!

4. I stayed on-task during my planning period, even when distractions abounded.

Two things I did well today:
5.  I connected with a student in my new class.
6. My seniors in AP Psychology were presenting in a round-table discussion and they were nervous, but they nailed it!  I was able to give concise feedback.

Two things that I could have done better today:
7.  I could have gone to the BMV to get my Real ID license started.
8.  I should have reached out to let the school community know that a colleague's mother passed away.

Two things I will do to make the rest of the day great:
9. I will go to bed early.
10. I will mindfully relax before going to bed early.

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