ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1)  This month my Pennsylvania sister turns 60!  What a milestone!  I can't wait to celebrate her special day--I hope I think of something fun to do for her.  (Does anybody have any ideas???)

2)  Several members of my book group "couldn't get through" this month's selection and won't be coming to the discussion tomorrow night.  On one hand, I'm sad because part of being in a book group is reading outside your typical genre.  On the other hand, life's too short to spend on books you don't like.  I hope the people who show up will have a lively discussion.  I rather enjoyed the book.

3)  My APUSH classes are working on an epic rap battle.  It's been fun to watch them work--there is specific content that has to be included so they've been wordsmithing up a storm.  Such critical thinking skills.

4)  The internet was not connecting during my AP Psych class this afternoon so we went "old school" and did an interactive activity using post-its on some prompts I put on the board.

5)  During my planning period, I met two students that I've been asked by the administration to mentor.  Both seem receptive to having me coach them.  I hope they can pass their classes this trimester.

6)  I appreciate that my department chair bounces ideas off me.  We complement each other well and have worked closely for over 23 years.  He's definitely the absent-minded professor, though.  I've never worked with anybody as scatter-brained.

7)  The Culinary Arts class at school made a delicious Greek pizza today.  Tasty and $3.

8)  My friend doesn't like leftovers so she frequently feeds me her leftovers.  I love it!

9)  I've been slacking on my knitting project.  I'm not loving the yarn.  I need to let the needles fly, though.

10) I'm stunned at how February flew by.  Here we are in March!  I hope March is good to me.

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Stacy said...

How about a look back for your sister? Look up what was going, the number 1 song, the top tv show, etc. for the year she was born...and send small, inexpensive gifts pertaining to those things throughout the month.