saturday 9


Beautiful Day

Hear it here.

1) This song is about finding joy in an imperfect world. What brings you joy today? We're under a storm warning but it's not snowing yet--so I'm finding joy in the iced coffee I was able to go out to get at Dunkin'

2) The lyrics mention being stuck in traffic. A poll of Boston commuters revealed that drivers have a variety of responses to be stuck in traffic — everything from bored to impatient to angry. How do you feel when you’re stuck in a traffic jam? I don't really know, I haven't ever been stuck in traffic unless I'm on a road trip and there's something major going on--I usually read

3) This year Bono and his wife, Ali, celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Who is the longest-married couple you know? my Pennsylvania sister will also celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary

4) When Bono inducted Frank Sinatra into the Grammy Hall of Fame, he complimented Frank on his “swagger.” Do you think you have “swagger?”  not so much

5) When U2 guitarist The Edge did a charity concert at the Sistine Chapel, he became the first rocker to perform there. If you were to travel to Rome, what sites would you be certain to visit?
oh I would full-on visit allllll the touristy sites

6) This week’s song was chosen because St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and U2 is one of Ireland’s most famous exports. What else is Ireland famous for? being the home of my heart

7) Corned beef and cabbage is a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dish. Is it a favorite of yours? yes

8) St. Patrick is credited with driving snakes out of Ireland. Ophiophobia is the fear of snakes. Do you suffer from ophiophobia? not a phobia but a healthy dislike of snakes

9) St. Patrick’s Day fantasy: A leprechaun will share his gold with you, but you must request a specific amount for a single item. How much would you ask for, and what would you buy? I would ask for enough to travel to Ireland first class all the way 

☘Thanks for this week’s song--my favorite band!


The Gal Herself said...

Between your celebrating your favorite band and the home of your heart, this week's S9 is kind of a Kwizgiver Special, isn't it?

Stacy said...

It looks like the snow might be done here. It's been quite cold and windy with it this morning, but it's still and clear right now, so I'm hoping. I hope it doesn't wallop you too badly.

Bev Sykes said...

First class to Ireland sounds wonderful. Almost makes it worthwhile going back! I haven't been there in many years.

Lori said...

I have a very healthy dislike of snakes. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


CountryDew said...

I guess the snow is heading your way now. We've had the snow and have high winds at the moment. Wind makes me nervous.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

You've got Swagger, sort of; it's in the lilt in your voice.
Hope you didn't get hit too hard by that ice storm. We've been watching it out here on the West Coast.
Hope you are warm and cozy.

Susan said...

That is cool about the Blarney Stone! It was near 80 here today. Take care!