friday 5


Take me to the old playground 

  1. When did you most recently swing on a swing? I cannot remember
  2. On what issue have you teeter-tottered? wearing a mask at school and in public
  3. How close is your residence to a park, and when did you last visit? I am about a mile away from the park I last visited--and that was in February when I went snowshoeing
  4. How capable are you with a charcoal grill? I have never grilled my own food
  5. With what are you playing hide-and-seek? I can't locate my pair of brown shoes

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Kimberly @ kimberussell.com said...

Oh holy cow the masking thing also has me in a tizzy. I know we aren't finished with Covid but I also think that we don't need all of the precautions that we needed in early 2020 when there were so many unknowns. I know the under-5s are still unvaxxed but ... their is no shortage of under-5s out and about and unmasked. It's a tough time.