ten things tuesday

Ten things:

1)  I enjoy my vacation time even if I don't travel or have extravagant plans.

2)  I've been reading or listening to books.

3)  I've spent a lot of time on a coloring app on my iPad--the app is called Happy Color.

4)  I spent some time knitting on a blanket project.  It's a big project and I'm not thrilled with the yarn.

5)  I might have to work on a hat to break up the blanket monotony.

6)  I cooked yesterday:  I baked some cut-up chicken breast in salsa and I plan to have quesadillas.

7)  I also picked up a frozen pizza that looks delicious:  a white pizza with spinach and mushrooms.

8)  I have no travel plans.

9)  The only other calendar item is my manicure.

10)  I should come up with my manicure idea!


Stacy said...

Happy Color is one of my favorite time wasters these days! I tend to favor the interiors and mandalas.

The Gal Herself said...

My pedi is looking awfully rough these days. I envy your upcoming salon time.