sunday stealing

 A few of these questions were asked for Friday 5
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Colbert's questions

 1. The Best sandwich grilled cheese

2.  Something you own that you really should throw out. boxes

3.  The scariest animal.  I genuinely don't like birds or cats

4.  Apples or oranges? apples

5.  Have you ever tried to get an autograph from someone? not that I can recall

6.  What happens when you die? your energy is released

7.  Favorite Action movie:  I'll go with the most recent one watched--Red Notice

8.  Window or Aisle? it depends on the flight

9.  Favorite smell
sandalwood, baking breads or brownies, puppies, babies

10.  Your most popular app on your phone. Messages

11.  Least favorite smell. rotten eggs

12.  Cats or dogs? dogs

13.  If you can only listen to one song over and over for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

14.  What number am I thinking of? (I will answer honestly) 6

15.  The rest of your life in 5 words. I want to retire soon!


Lori said...

I love a good grilled cheese. Loved your answers! Have a nice day.


Stacy said...

A grilled cheese sandwich is comfort food at its finest. My mom is terrified of birds. I don't think I've ever met anyone else who was.

CountryDew said...

Sandlewood is what Inspector Gamache smells like. I am not sure what that smells like, since I stay away from scents. It sounds nice, though.

Bev Sykes said...

Close---I was thinking of 7.

I worked for a woman once who was TERRIFIED of birds and if someone came into the office with a peg parrot on her shoulders, my boss would leave until the customer was gone.

Lisa said...

A good grilled cheese is comfort food to me!! Yum!