blog everyday 26

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26. Something you don't understand.

I don't understand Florida lawmakers who are making it more difficult to create a supportive, inclusive classroom.  The "Don't Say Gay" bill makes me sick.

I don't understand why Russia declared war on Ukraine.  It seems like the reasoning is based on fake news.  I don't want to believe it's happening.

I don't understand why wearing a mask is such a big infringement of rights.  The argument that it's against the Constitution goes directly against the Preamble's protection of "promoting the general welfare."  

I don't understand where my vacation week went.


fredamans said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the last two... only because I'm not in the US and have no idea what is happening in Florida. I do know they have an idiot governor, at least from my point of view. (Sorry if he is yours.)
I chose the war on Ukraine. I have Ukrainian family members and am not sure how else to feel except devastated and scared. For all of us, in the end. It did make me think about these so-called "Freedumb Fighters" here in Canada and beyond. Like, do they really understand what losing their freedom means? They should send them to Ukraine to fight for them. Just sayin....

The Gal Herself said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

You know what: I don't want to understand these things, either.