three on thursday

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Thing one:  I had to get a substitute for the end of the school day because I had a car service appointment at 2 o'clock.

Thing two:  I need new brakes within the month. The approximate cost is $480 for the front and $465 for the rear.

Thing three:   I need new tires. The approximate cost is $804 or $892.


  1. Brakes and tires are expensive but so worth it. Especially with all the winter driving you do! (Six months of writing for a car client and now I feel like an expert.) I know it's a lot of money, but you and your car are like a cowgirl with her horse. You'd spend more than that on hay, apples and horseshoes. (Did that help?)

  2. I've got brakes and tires coming up in the next year too. Do you all use 2 sets of tires [one studded for winter) like we did in Alaska?