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The End Of The Year

1. Something that made you cry this year? school
2. Something you want to do again next year? nightly meditation
3. Talk about a new friend you made this year. Jess, a colleague, is several decades younger than me but we click
4. How was your birthday this year? fun--I was at a workshop that was fantastic got to go for a great meal at lunch, and got my booster
5. Favorite book you read this year? The Gown, Malibu Rising, The Maidens, The Good Sister, The Madness of Crowds, State of Terror,  and Finlay Donovan Is Killing It
6. What’s a bad habit you picked up this year? carrying on multiple text conversations at once--I'm not a great multitasker and sometimes I take a long time to reply
7. Post a picture from the beginning of the year: 
First manicure of the year

8. Post a picture from the end of the year:
Last manicure of the year

9. A memorable meal this year? staying at my friend Piper's we made a delicious shrimp and rice dish--we ate and talked for hours
10. What are you excited about for next year? spending time reading, knitting, and chatting with my friends and family
11. What’s something you learned this year? I learned how to manage and use some technology for the classroom
12. What’s something new about your place of residence (room, home, or general location) now vs the start of the year? I have a new downstairs neighbor and he's very quiet
13. Favorite place you visited this year? Chebeague Island
14. Did you keep any New Year’s Resolutions? I set a resolution to borrow more library books than I bought and I did!  I highly recommend the Brooklyn Public Library!
15. Will you make New Year's Resolutions for 2022? I want to snowshoe more often


Lori said...

I loved Malibu Rising and The Good Sister also. So many good books out there. Loved your answers! Have a nice day.


zippiknits...sometimes said...

Love..LOVE that book list! Happy New Year dear knitting buddy!

Bev Sykes said...

I saw your comment on Country Dew. Are you looking for a pen pal? She has twoo; I am one of them. If you're interested, send a message to basykes@gmail.com

CountryDew said...

I see Bev answered your question on my blog. I also started writing to a long-lost 1st cousin who is in jail. I want to know how you get a Brooklyn Library Card if you don't live there. You have to live in my locality to get a library card. I would love to have more books to choose from than what is offered here. Tiny little selection.

Bev Sykes said...

(You can also find pen pals through groups on Facebook. I am on League of Extraordinary Pen Pals(

Lisa said...

I should make a resolution like yours - to borrow more books from the library vs. purchasing them.