I am...

Reading:  The Last Chance Library  by Freya Sampson 

Listening to:  Harlem Shuffle by Colson Whitehead

Loving:  I had a good day with my students

Thinking about what jobs I got paid to do last year--I'm gathering info for my taxes

Feeling:  annoyed that I can't get a substitute to cover for my dental appointment

Celebrating:  I had enough ambition to wash the dishes after putting together the shepherd's pie

Grateful for: a student teacher observed me and we talked about the craft of teaching after the observation--I'm a very different style than the teacher she's working with and it led to a great conversation about developing what is comfortable--that there's no one way to teach.

Weather:  it is 9° and sunny

Enjoying:  the delicious smells coming from my kitchen--I'm baking a shepherd's pie

A quote I want to share:

Wordle 219 5/6


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The Gal Herself said...

I wish I smelled shepherd's pie coming from my kitchen. (I had a hotdog for dinner.)

I am ashamed to admit I don't understand Wordle.