three on thursday

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Thing one:  I found out that I was close contact with a positive Covid case on Tuesday.  It's too soon for me to test, so that cancels my Christmas plans with my family.

Thing two:  Although I'm really disappointed that I won't spend the holiday with my parents or family, I would rather be safe than sorry.

Thing three:   This has been a week. I'm very thankful I am on vacation now.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

I’m so sorry to hear that you had to cancel plans! 😔 That just bites the big one. This sort of thing happened to our family this year. My Dd, who lives fairly close, was going to come down for the holidays, and some random folks showed up at a photo shoot, unmasked, and from a state that was raging with Covid19 variant, and blew away that chance.