friday 5



  1. In 2021, who made you laugh? this year I made sure to take time to laugh with my students, and enjoy who they are--some of the funniest moments happen spontaneously in the classroom
  2. What was a pleasant surprise? I learned how to snowshoe and really liked it!
  3. How have you grown? I've stopped comparing my pace with others--I do what I want when I want, not when "they" think I should
  4. What do you forgive yourself for? for listening to someone I knew instinctively I shouldn't
  5. * If you were to get a tattoo to represent the year, what would it be and where would you put it? hmmm... I might get a mask tattoo on the knuckle of my middle finger (although hand tattoos don't fade as quickly as I'd been led to believe)
* Just answer it! It’s a fun question!


onebadscrivener said...

2021: year of the mask. I like it. Send a photo when you get it! :)

The laughter I shared with my students is one of the things I miss most since leaving the classroom. We did a LOT of laughing together, and I know it made me a better teacher. Better person too.

onebadscrivener said...

PS: Happy new year!