friday 5


  1. If you owned a new professional sports team (pick any sport!), what would you name it, and what be its team colors? I would pick a lovely speckled yarn color on a beige base and call my professional competitive knitting team the Knotty Knitters
  2. If you owned a new restaurant, what would you name it, and what kind of cuisine would it serve? I would name it J'eat and it would be a diner specializing in breakfast
  3. If you owned a little independent retail shop, what would you name it, and what would it sell? I'd sell book-themed stuff and funky office supplies--I'd name it something like Of The Desk
  4. If you launched a charity, what would be its cause? I'd like to start a program for adult literacy and the charity would be literacy-related
  5. What kind of recreation is sorely lacking in your town? things for middle-aged, out of shape people who'd like to try outdoor stuff

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onebadscrivener said...

Knotty Knitters. I love it. The unis would have to be extra padded -- I know how feisty those knitting circles can be! :)