friday 5

Are you prepositioning me?

  1. When did you recently do something on the sly? I snuck a gift on a colleague's desk
  2. Which of your plans for the coming week is still up in the air? a friend might be coming into town to visit during vacation week
  3. What’s happening across the street? postal trucks are unloading
  4. What have you heard recently through the grapevine? about the TikTok rumors of school violence
  5. What kinds of videos on YouTube are likeliest to send you down the rabbit hole? lately, I've been watching present wrapping and bow-making videos

1 comment:

onebadscrivener said...

Ooh, I like the sneaky gift-left-on-desk move. I once snuck into a couple of colleagues' classrooms and put posters of their favorite football teams on their walls. Some didn't even notice until late in the school day. :)