friday 5


Engine engine number 9

  1. What are your primary considerations as you decide what to wear on a typical day? the temperature of my classroom and/or how much time I'll have to spend outdoors
  2. When did you have to select one person over others, much to others’ disappointment? I had a document that the office needed and asked for a student volunteer--all the hands went up but I could only send one 
  3. When have you recently chosen the least unpleasant of unpleasant options? today
  4. In a bookstore, in a restaurant, in a gift shop, or wherever, how do you feel about having lots and lots and lots of choices?* usually I welcome it, but sometimes it can get overwhelming--particularly if I have money burning a hole in my pocket
  5. What are some things you wish you didn’t have to make choices regularly about? what to make for dinner

* I’m looking at you, Cheesecake Factory menu!

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