I am...

Reading:  The Holiday Switch by Tif Marcelo

Listening to: Tinsel & Tunes

Loving:  the holiday mix of music, it's calming me

Thinking:  I talked myself through a tricky situation at school--I'm proud of myself.

Feeling:  a coach was yelling at his team to motivate them but it triggered my PTSD and I had an anxiety attack--it was difficult to leave my classroom, leave the building, and get in my car.  But I did it and I'm home.  I coached myself through it by reminding myself that I was safe--that the hollering wasn't in anger, even though it was loud!  My whole life raised voices trigger me but after the event that caused my PTSD, it's worse.  But I'm ok.  I'm ok.  I want to retreat and hide but I'm ok.

we can wear jeans/casual wear until the new year.  Little thing but it's one less hassle.

Grateful for:  my school department gave us Christmas turkeys--that was the first time I've ever received any type of bonus from school.

Weather:  it is 39° and cloudy

Enjoying:  being home

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Stacy said...

You should be proud of yourself. You did a great job coaching yourself through your fear!