the friday 56


*Grab a book, any book. 

*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader (If you have to improvise, that's ok.) 

*Find any sentence, (or few, just don't spoil it) 

*Post it. 

I'm reading The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams. 

From page 35:

He forced himself out of bed, his head heavy with sleep.  But this was progress:  it was the first time he'd been awake before midday in weeks.  He felt the empty space beside him--Melanie's side of the bed--and he immediately wanted the ground, the mattress, to swallow him whole and take the pain away.  On the floor, a pile of crime books sat staring up at him, taunting him, a thin layer of dust collecting on the top.


Breana M. said...

This book seems like an emotional rollercoaster. Enjoy your current read!

fredamans said...

Sounds like he's suffering from a broken heart. I'm intrigued! Happy weekend!