ten things tuesday

Ten things that give me balance:

1)  Nightly meditations--especially body scans.  I use Calm and Headspace.

2)  Reading.  Especially before bed.

3)  Figuring out the solution to a household problem.

4)  Clean sheets and blankets.

5)  Fluffy socks, soft blankets, and cuddly textures.

6)  The right temperature.  Maybe on the cool side, definitely not on the warm side.

7)  Knitting.  Especially process knitting.  That's why I've been on such a dishcloth kick lately.

8)  Having a morning routine to ease into my day.

9)  Friends and family.

10) Driving.  It's such a release for me.  Unless it's a raging storm.

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Me, Myself, and I said...

I'm totally with you on the soft cuddly thing...others things really affect how my brain processes, I swear.