ten things tuesday

Ten things I hope for November:

1)  I hope I can have a dental consultation to remove the broken tooth.  It's been 2 years and I've procrastinated long enough.  I must face my fears!

2)  I hope I can spend Thanksgiving with my family.  Covid concerns might make it a last-minute decision but spending the holiday with family would be lovely.

3)  I hope I get my Christmas shopping done in November.

4)  I hope I can finish revising, refreshing, revamping, and rewriting my AP Psychology syllabus during the workshop days that are coming up.

5)  I hope I find my knitting mojo to start on the sweater I'd like to knit for myself.

6)  I hope I can find the motivation to cook more meals.  Menu planning and meal prep would be better than the daily struggle to fix something that usually ends up with cereal or oatmeal.  Not that there's anything wrong with cereal or oatmeal...

7)  I hope to start sending notes home to my students.  It was a big hit last year.

8)  I hope to start watching Hallmark/Lifetime/Freeform Christmas movies.

9)  I hope to start reading holiday books.  I love them so much!

10)  I hope to get my sleep schedule regulated so that the time change doesn't kick my butt like I usually does.


Me, Myself, and I said...

Highly recommend IV sedation dentist. As you know I have massive dental anxiety. 1st was awful second tooth was a breeze. Do your research, pay the $, it was worth it to not remember a thing, at least for me.

Me, Myself, and I said...

Well, I had more to say. LOL. Have you tried HelloFresh or Blue Apron meal boxes? If they fit your budget (and Blue Apron was pretty reasonable) they got me enjoying the act of cooking again. The bigger services have good intro deals, so many meals for free, and the like.