I am...

ReadingSeven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak

Listening to: nothing

Loving:  I put up "An Attitude of Gratitude" bulletin board and invited my students to contribute and it's fun seeing what they are grateful for.

Thinking:  about how much I dislike faculty meetings

Feeling:  tired

Celebrating:  I met my Goodreads reading goal for the year.

Grateful for:  I would like to have a former student of mine, who went into the military, visit my class virtually to talk about her experiences and what it means to be a veteran.

Weather:  it is 48° and clear--the sky was pretty as I was driving home

Enjoying:  I'm so glad I took Friday off to have a therapy appointment and to take a mental health day.  Petty things are feeling huge.  I'm annoyed with some of my colleagues.  I need a break.  Weekends just aren't enough.  But this four-day respite should help me.

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