ten things tuesday

Ten stupid things:

1) A car pulled out directly in front of me on the highway.  I laid on the horn and just barely avoided a collision. 

2) Driving in town, another car pulled out directly in front of me.  I wondered if there was something about my car making it invisible today!

3) There's a student in my homeroom that comes to school most days but really isn't at school for academics.  I want to ask him what he gets out of being here day in and day out when he's not engaged at all.  He's a frequent behavior issue.  

4) I stopped watching Vanderpump Rules on Bravo.  And Southern Charm.  And I'm not going to record any more Housewives' franchises.  

5) Because of state testing of third-year/junior students, I am displaced from my wing of the school building tomorrow.  What a stupid hassle.

6) I think I'll wear blue jeans tomorrow.  Teacher dress codes are stupid.

7) I need to get over myself and start knitting the sweater.  I don't know why I am dragging my heels about it.

8) My students were telling me that there's snow in the forecast for Thursday.

9) It's pitch black outside and not even 7.

10) Drawing a blank for the 10th is stupid.

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The Gal Herself said...

Why are you breaking up with Bravo?