saturday 9


1) This song is about a young man who is living on his own and doing adult things, like getting his own apartment, eating better and doing his own taxes, but he doesn't yet feel grown up. Do you remember when you felt like a grown up? this might sound morbid, but I felt like a grown up when I signed a DNR and took control of my health directives

2) He mentions not being sure of his login password. Is this something you struggle with? Or are you able to zip into your accounts? I struggle with my passwords

3) Both the video and CD cover show the band playing games of chance. What's the last game that you played? Poetry for Neanderthals and it was hilarious

4) This week's featured band, AJR, is named for the three brothers who make up the trio -- Adam, Jack and Ryan Met. Until recently, all three brothers lived at home and wrote songs together in the Met family living room. Do you have siblings? If so, what's something you enjoy doing together? my sisters and I love shopping together
5) The oldest Met brother, Adam, now lives with his girlfriend in an apartment near Columbia University, where he is a PhD candidate. During the school year, he only works on his music on weekends. Next summer, in 2022, he should be done with his studies and plans on touring the country with the band. Some tour dates are already scheduled. If possible, do you like to make plans far in advance? Or do you prefer spontaneity? I can go with plans in advance or spontaneity

6) Jack and Ryan also attend Columbia and share an apartment with their dog. They like to unwind on Fridays, after a week of classes, with a game of air hockey, followed by sushi or sashimi at their favorite Japanese restaurant. What did you do on Friday night? I caught up on my DVRd shows
7) In 2020, the year this song was popular, the most streamed TV show was The Office. The show went off the air in 2013, but during the pandemic and quarantine, it found a new audience. What series have you binged on recently? Ted Lasso season 1

8) According to Amazon, the best-selling novel of 2020 was Where the Crawdads Sing. Is there a novel you'd like to recommend to Sat 9ers? if you want a fast-paced thriller: State of Terror was one I couldn't put down

9) Random question: Your local drug store has self-check out. You confess to your best friend that you absent-mindedly missed scanning an item, walked out of the store with it, set off security and were caught unintentionally shoplifting. The store manager believed you so there were no repercussions, but you were mortified nevertheless. Would you expect your best friend to share your embarrassing story with his/her spouse? it doesn't matter


Lori said...

I struggle a bit with passwords for my teacher related websites, but not the ones I use at home. There are so many resources out there for teaching. I can't keep up with it all. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


CountryDew said...

I don't think your answer to #1 is morbid. That's taking responsibility and it is something many people shy away from. I used to work for lawyers and getting folks in to do their wills and Advanced Directives was always a chore. So good for you! (Yes, we have ours done.)

Susan said...

I think having a DNR is a good thing. We dot a living trust so that if something happens, our kids won't have to worry about the state taking the house. Being prepared is a good thing!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Advance directives are good policy, not morbid at all. One less darn thing to be worrying about!
Friday night is catch up night here, for our series shows and any rentals. It's fun to look forward, too. I have an external drive that encrypts for passwords. I love it.
Happy knitting. I bought some more yarn. lol But it's sport weight for men's gloves. I do not feel guilty at ALL! *bats eyelashes*

zippiknits...sometimes said...

For you (and for A SHOUT OUT TO CountryDew) Kwizgiver. The author is Patricia Wentworth. I remember reading a couple of her books the 60's. She's a wonderful writer.

Stacy said...

I used to love shopping with my sisters-in-law when we were younger, but the only times we ever seem to go now we have several of the nieces and their children in tow and it always ends up being more of a hassle than a fun time.