ten things tuesday

Ten things--five great, five not-so-great:

Five great things:
1.  I'm on vacation.
2.  I was able to get my flu shot today.
3.  I was able to pick up an antibiotic (see #6).
4.  My role on the Library Board of Trustees allowed me to help make a very important and big decision for the library.
5.  I think I'm ready to commit to knitting myself a sweater.  Maybe the Harvest cardigan. (Ravelry link)

Five not-so-great-things:
6.  My broken tooth is acting up (again) and I'm at a pain level 7.
7.  Both yesterday and today have been busier than I wanted.
8.  I am reading a book I wish I could finish right now, it's not my favorite genre and style.  Nothing is happening.
9.  I am feeling a bit nauseous.  Probably because my jaw is too sore to eat anything (see #6).
10.  I didn't sleep well last night--very interrupted sleep.

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

I'm sorry, but I don't accept that you have to spend vacation time at the dentist. UNFAIR!