ten things tuesday

Ten random things in random order:

1)  I finally made an appointment with my hair goddess--she's going to make me curly and fabulous again!

2) I have a fabulous new nail color to try at my manicure on Saturday.  Fall, here I come!

3)  I've been trying to deposit a small check using the bank's mobile app but it isn't working.  

4)  I started listening to an audiobook last night and I'm intrigued by the premise.

5)  I'm still waiting for my Certification Committee contract.  I'm curious how much the stipend will be.

6)  Even though the kids at school have been really squirrely this week, my chattiest class worked on the assignment with little talking.  I needed a day to hear myself think.

7)  At the end of my first class today, I encouraged the kids to show me pictures of their pets and we ended up having show and tell.  They promised that our next remote day would include their pets.

8)  Morning duty is not fun.  I'm stationed at the main entrance, making sure everyone is fully masked and taking their temperature on the screener.  I greet every single person and have been grunted at for my efforts.  I'm hoping to get actual words by our last day this week.

9)  I love knitting dishcloths.  I can't seem to stop.  If you need a dishcloth, send me a message--I can hook you up!

10) I absolutely love today's outfit--rust pants and a blue blouse that has fall flowers on it--in coordinating rust.


Me, Myself, and I said...

I love your fashion sense and style!

The Gal Herself said...

#8 -- What you're doing is important, albeit thankless.