ten things tuesday

 Ten things:

1)  Tomorrow is the first day of school with students.  Each homeroom student has a planner, a pen, and a pencil waiting for them on their desk.  I am ready for them.

2)  It is 82° in my living room, my south-west facing classroom was warm this afternoon, too.

3)  Workshops and professional development the past two days were a huge waste of my time.  As in a big fat waste.  I got nothing out of either day.  I wish they would consult with teachers to see what we really need.

4)  Oh--at least we didn't do icebreakers!

5)  The food was great.  Both mornings had fresh fruit and healthy protein bites and bars as well as a selection of not-so-healthy sweet bread.  Today's cookout was delicious.

6)  I can't tell if I'm having a lymphedema flare-up or if this is my new normal--but my ankles are puffy even though I've been wearing my compression garments.  

7)  I tripped and fell yesterday and banged up my left leg (yes, I filed an accident report) but it's a weird injury--because I was wearing compression, I immediately iced it, and elevated it--there's no discernable bruise.  But it hurts like a bruise.

8)  The best part of today was spending time with my sister.

9)  The best part of the workshop days was this chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.  No lie.

10) And here's a picture of the pom pom garland I made for my bestie's classroom.  It turned out longer than I realized.

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