happy day 24


So, hear me out:  at 8 o'clock this evening, I got the official word from school that we are going to the RED model starting tomorrow until August 31 at the earliest.  This means teachers are in classrooms teaching via Zoom/Google Meets with 12 hours of prep time if sleep is sacrificed.  At first, I was royally peeved.  I struggled with remote teaching.  It doesn't fit my style of student-led teaching.  It's hard to have discussions when staring at nothing by black boxes instead of students (since I would not force them to turn their cameras on).

I was peeved.  Inconvenienced.

Then I had my moment of divine clarity:  this is a preventive measure.  This is keeping me safer.  The number of Delta-variant cases is rampant in my neck of the woods and kids are contagious.  Ultimately, this will keep me and my parents safer.  

My happy today is that I could take a step back from a hassle of a situation and see the long-term benefit.


The Gal Herself said...

Yes, Ms. Kwiz, yes! Good thinking, good attitude, good girl.

fredamans said...

The benefits outweigh the risk! Stay safe!

CountryDew said...

Keep up that good attitude! These are scary times.