I am...

Reading:  The Souvenir Museum: Stories by Elizabeth McCracken

Listening to:  Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead

Loving:  the fruit infused water I'm drinking--it's orange pineapple 

Thinking:  I need to organize my reading--with two different book groups, plus some professional development on the horizon, I've got to stay on top of it all

Feeling:  I feel bad that I made one of my students feel uncomfortable by telling them I would call them by their preferred name and pronouns--that identity is important and I want them to feel celebrated.  Apparently, one of my students was uncomfortable with it and mentioned it to their parents who called the school.  I try to be inclusive and I feel bad that my inclusivity felt exclusive

  the principal had my back on the above incident

Grateful for:  perspective

Weather:  it is 79° and humid

Enjoying:  today's dress has pockets!

A quote I want to share

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