ten things tuesday

Ten questions: courtesy of The Healthy Maven

1. What lights you up? laughing, friends, road trips, hugs
2. What dims your joy? stress, intolerance, bad smells
3. What are your favorite summer memories or traditions? I used to spend summers on Silver Lake and I loved it--I would swim and read and generally be spoiled by my step-grandparents
4. How can you create summer magic in your own home?  by relaxing and napping
5. What things do you need to do daily to ground yourself? I need time alone and maybe even going for a little road trip
6. What does productivity look like to you?  ticking items off my to-do list
7. Who are you craving connection with? How can you create that meaningful connection no matter where you are? The most critical connections are with my students, they set up the entire school year
8. If you accomplish this each day, you’ll feel satisfied.  Making my bed
9. No matter where you live, what does your ideal day outside look like? in the 70s, sunny, little breeze and some shade for me to hang out in
10. What are your top three summer bucket list items? I want to go to the Botanical Gardens, I would like to take a trip by myself, and get my reading organized for the book groups I'm in and for school

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The Gal Herself said...

I hope you get to the Botanical Gardens. Tell those trolls "hi" for me.