ten things tuesday

Ten Things I'm into right now:

1)  Big Brother.  I have watched almost every season.  I didn't watch last year--was it even on? (CBS)

2)  Love Island. This is a trainwreck and I cannot look away. (CBS)

3)  Alone.  Compelling.  (History Channel)

4)  Friends.  Nostalgia.  (HBO)

5) The fan.  It's been so hot in my apartment but the fan helps.  And it's aimed right at me.

6)  Playing checkers online.  A friend mentioned this to me and it's been a fun distraction.  I like playing with strangers and chatting occasionally.  It reminds me of the early 2000s when gaming online was all the rage.

7)  Reading.  I listen to a LOT of audiobooks and it's a different experience than eye reading.  Since I can download library books on my Kindle, I've been eye-reading a lot this year.  I'm telling you, this Brooklyn Public Library membership is the best gift I've ever given myself!

8)   Flowers.  It was one of my 21 in 21 challenges to enjoy flowers often and I am.  Currently, it's a dozen beautiful long stem red roses.

9) Knitting dishcloths.  They're like popcorn knitting--instant gratification, quickie projects.

10) Girlfriend getaway.  After a year of no adventures, it's time for a girlfriend getaway!

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The Gal Herself said...

I watch Friends on TBS because I like being surprised as to which episode it is. (Is Monica with still with Richard? Is this a Ross-and-Rachel season? Has Phoebe's Mike arrived yet?) I'll really miss broadcast TV when it's completely dead and gone.