saturday 9

Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh

1) TV writer Allan Sherman based this song on his own son's letters of complaint from camp. Did you go away to summer camp?  I didn't go to a summer camp but I went to a relative's camp for weeks at a time

2) Our camper is afraid of both bears and alligators. What animal scares you?  uh--birds, rodents, creepy crawlies, insects--and lots of other gross creepy animals

3) One of his fellow campers developed poison ivy rash. Have you ever experienced redness and itching caused by poison ivy or poison sumac? I've had something but I can't remember what it was--it wasn't poison ivy or sumac...

4) Early in his career, Allan Sherman created the game show I've Got a Secret, which became a big hit. What's your all-time favorite TV game show? I loved Match Game

5) In 1959 he moved from New York to Hollywood, where he transitioned from writing to performing almost by accident. As a lark, he entertained at the parties of his next-door neighbor, Harpo Marx. A recording company executive heard him and offered him a contract. Tell us about the last party you attended. I went to a dinner party per se a few weeks ago

6) Allan Sherman got unexpected press attention and a boost in record sales when it was discovered that President John F. Kennedy was a fan. What's something you purchased because of a recommendation from someone else (friend, relative, celebrity endorsement ...)? books

7) In 1963, the year "Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh" was popular, Studebaker stopped producing cars in the United States. What was your family car when you were growing up? a woody panel station wagon

8) Also in 1963, Vogue magazine did a cover story on how make wearing white "new and exciting." What color do you look best in? Is it the color you wear most often? I look best in earth tones--particularly greens

9) Random question: Have you ever gone on to have a platonic relationship with a former lover? yes


Stacy said...

I listen to friends about books, too. I'm always interested in hearing about a new book or writer. Other stuff...I'd rather do my own investigating and choosing.

Diana_CT said...

#3 Poison Oak?
#6 Of course books, I didn't think of that. I'm always getting suggestions about what books to read.

Susan said...

Wow, a woody panel truck! How cool is that!!!