friday 5

Everything in its place

  1. What is the least organized area of your daily life? I have hoarding tendencies, so... my home is the least organized area of my daily life
  2. What is the most organized area of your daily life? I am organized and efficient at school--hyper-organized
  3. How well do you handle disruptions of your routines? it depends on what is causing the disruption but generally, I roll with it
  4. How do you respond to unexpected blocks of unstructured time? oh--I LOVE it when I'm at home but am not a fan when I'm at school (because I'd rather be home)
  5. How structured is your time this weekend? my only structure for the weekend is a coffee date with girlfriends tomorrow morning


Kim said...

My mom was a teacher and inevitably those unexpected free times would end up being not so free because students would pick up on it and barrage her!

Kimberly @ kimberussell.com said...

I love unstructured weekends - I hope your coffee date was great!