three on thursday

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Thing one:  it doesn't feel like summer vacation yet.

Thing two: I was asked to mentor a new teacher.  This is how I was asked:
"I was wondering if you would have any interest in serving as the new teacher mentor for __________.  You are someone who does things the right way, and I think you have a lot to offer to any new colleague.  No pressure, but let me know if you are interested."

Thing three: my sunburn is peeling.  There's some itch, some soreness, and lots of flaky, awful-looking skin.  I'm self-conscious about it.

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The Gal Herself said...

Be careful with that sunburn! As a very pale gal myself, I know that while sunburn can be considered a little thing, it's NOT!!! And when you're in its throes, it can really dominate your thoughts. (Itch! Ow! Ugly! Etc.)