ten things tuesday

Ten vents & vices:

1) What are your pet peeves? public phone calls that should be private, slow drivers in the passing lane, wet armpits

2)  What are your guilty pleasures? Bravo unscripted shows

3)  What do you lie about? money--I don't want anyone to know I'm broke

4)  What do you try to avoid? dealing with the clutter

5)  What are you nosy about? gossip at school

6)  What do you procrastinate? I'm not much of a procrastinator other than the clutter

7)  What gets your blood boiling? intentional ignorance

8)  What tempts you? chocolate

9)  What do you complain about? the temperature extremes--when it's super hot/humid or way below zero

10)  What can you do about your complaints? avoid people

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

#3 and #4 -- you and me both, sister. It's not so much that I'm broke, it's that I haven't SAVED anywhere near as much as I should.