ten things tuesday

Ten things I'm loving now:

1)  The fan.  It's about 79.7° in the living room but the fan makes it more comfortable.

2)  Target swing dresses with flutter sleeves.  Why, yes, I do have every color.  Today is olive green.

3)  Scoring Advanced Placement US History exams.  Although this morning I dozed off (before I turned the fan on--it was stuffy in here!) but I have more than 30 hours.

4)  Reading.  My libraries keep getting in the books I request and I've got 5 or 6 new releases signed out.

5)  Keeping up with a couple of my 21 in 21 goals--like making my bed daily and buying flowers, using my pneumatic pump regularly, contacting my family every week (that's the far-flung nieces & nephews).

6)  The Calm app and the Headspace app.  I love them both and listen daily to short meditations or sleep meditations.

7)  My therapist.  She's an excellent fit for me--she gets me and relates well.  I wasn't sure I would like to use a website but there are so many ways to communicate, it's comfortable.

8)  Loading my DVR with shows I will binge watch when I finish scoring exams.

9)  I had some excellent customer service over the past few days--scheduling appointments, checking insurance, and so forth.  Such friendly voices.

10) This song.

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