ten things tuesday

Ten questions: courtesy of EightPepperberries

1) Your favorite summer vacation.  I'm going to go with the most recent summer trip I took to NYC to see my friend's play on Broadway.  We did some sightseeing and had a blast!  Great food, wonderful company, excellent Broadway experience!

2) Share a secret thought. Other than spending major holidays by myself, I didn't mind the isolation of Covid

3) Do you prefer the beach or the pool? I prefer the beach, I like walking along the water's edge

4) What sights, smells, tastes remind you of summer? Strawberries!  Strawberries!  Strawberries!

5) What is awesome about your dad? Everything!  We have a uniquely close relationship

6) The smartest thing you did today. I wore my Lymphedema compression garments--I'm getting back into the daily routine

7) The outdoor activity you enjoy the most.  Sitting on the porch, reading

8) The last time you cried. hmm... it was within the past month and it was cathartic but I don't remember exactly when or why

9) What was the last book you read? Did you like it? I finished The Upstairs House and I did not enjoy it

10) What books or magazines are on your reading list this month? I have two Psychology-related magazines on my desk at school to read and I haven't really chosen books to read for this month, I'll see what I feel like reading...

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