I am...

Reading I get to choose a new book today!

Listening to:  the fan

Loving:  I took a personal day because I didn't have any exams to give and no classes to teach and I'm pretty much done packing up my classroom--I would be staring at the clock or socializing so I thought I would rather be home.  I even canceled an appointment and decided not to do laundry.  I just want to hang out by myself and relax.

Thinking:  I'm trying to organize my summer work--I'm taking part in a few seminars and have two new textbooks, so I have to revise my syllabi to reflect those changes

Feeling:  relief that this year is done tomorrow at noon

Celebrating:  I went to graduation yesterday and am so glad I did--even though I got a heck of a sunburn on my face (I think my reading glasses magnified the sun on my cheeks)

Grateful for:  being approved for this personal day--it's luxurious

Weather: it is 64° and cloudy outside

Enjoying:  I'm just enjoying the heck out of this day

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