ten things tuesday

 Ten questions: courtesy of EightPepperberries

1) One thing I always wished for is... a dog of my own.

2) In the next year, I really want to... get my finances straightened out.

3) When people first meet me, I hope they feel... appreciated.

4) How do I feel at the moment? I am hanging tight--Friday can't come soon enough!

5) List all my small victories: high functioning with dysthymia  

6) What lesson did I learn this week? my AP Psychology class loves me 💞

7) I am really good at... creating a classroom community

8) If life stopped today, what would I regret not doing? I can't think of anything

9) Where was I two years ago? I was getting ready to celebrate Dad's honorary doctorate

10) Top three songs on my playlist right now are... Don't Worry Baby by Julia Cannon, Mercy by Duffy, Treat People With Kindness by Harry Styles

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