sunday stealing

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1. The best story your parents or grandparents tell about the good ole days. I loved their stories about taking the train to date because most young people didn't have cars
2. The best things in life are... not things--they're people
3, Things that drive me batty I really get batty over slow drivers in the fast lane
4. A place I'd like to live and why I'd love to live in Ireland (again) or live between my Virginia and Pennsylvania sisters.  Both places because they're warmer than here.
5. The best thing I've ever found friends--especially internet friends
6. The best thing that happened recently is. I'm on vacation
7. I admire people who... let me be me
8. What makes me special-- I'm such a nerdy geek
9. I am looking forward to... this week of vacation
10. Things that scare me--I have irrational fears and I am aware they are irrational
11. Complaints I have oh brother--how much time do we have?
12. I could never live without... the internet
13. Things that make me laugh puppy videos and funny emails from my dad
14. What is a new skill that you would like to learn? brioche knitting
15. What brightened your day today? an excellent coffee + being on vacation


CountryDew said...

My husband says we are nerds because we like to watch Battle Bots. My brother has always said I was a nerd before people ever used the word.

Plastic Mancunian said...

#8 - I am a geek too. Be proud.




The Gal Herself said...

Brioche knitting! That sounds so *pretty.*

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Happy vacation!

Hope you get to move to the place between your two sisters when you retire. Maine is blisteringly cold. My niece lived there a good many years, raising her family.

Puppy videos and kitten videos and baby toes