saturday 9


Don't Rain On My Parade

 1) Is rain expected where you are today? snow and rain are, yes--but it's not going to accumulate so I won't whine too much

2) In this song, Barbra Streisand warns everyone to not spoil her optimistic mood. What is something you're feeling really good about today? today is the first day of my spring break!
3) She sings that life is candy and the sun is a ball of butter. Which have you consumed more recently, candy or butter? candy

4) This song is from the musical Funny Girl. It's based on the true story of Fanny Brice, who starred on Broadway, in movies and on the radio between 1910 and 1951. At the beginning of her career, no one thought she would succeed because of her unconventional looks, but she forged ahead, saying, "I make things happen for me." Are you focused, like Fanny? when I set my mind to something, I'm very focused--sometimes OCD is a good thing

5) When the stage version of Funny Girl was in pre-production, the part of Fanny was offered to actress Anne Bancroft, but she felt the songs were too difficult for her. Singer Eydie Gorme dropped out when told her husband, Steve Lawrence, could not play the male lead. Carol Burnett said she'd love to do it, but also admitted she thought she was wrong for the role. Running out of time and options, producer Ray Stark decided to give lesser-known Barbra Streisand a try ... and the rest, as they say, is history. Has there ever been a time in your life when you were glad things didn't work out as you'd originally planned? frequently
6) Funny Girl was the top grossing movie of 1968. #2 was 2001: A Space Odyssey. Given the choice, would you rather watch a musical or a sci-fi flick? musical

7) Streisand's favorite color is burgundy because it reminds her of when, as a little girl, she received a hand-knitted sweater as a gift and wearing it made her feel special. What color is your favorite sweater? it's a pretty, muted shade of green--not quite kelly

8) In 1960, she began performing in New York clubs but she had a hard time getting work because she was only 18 and most nightclubs wouldn't hire a girl not yet old enough to drink. Do you remember your first legal alcoholic beverage? What did you have? I do not remember my 21st birthday--but I could look back to my journal and find out

9) Random question: How many people know the real you? hmmm--I don't know who to consider:  this is a different question than who knows you best; I think everybody knows the real me but not all of me


The Gal Herself said...

I like your answer to #9. Maybe we reveal different parts of ourselves to different people.

Jodi said...

Snow??? oh you poor thing.... hee hee hee.. Love your answers! Happy Saturday!

Diana_CT said...

You are lucky. A friend in Vermont got over a foot of snow, she works at a Mt. Snow so she should get a couple more weeks of work out of the storm.

Me, Myself, and I said...

At least it won't hang around (the snow I mean). Have a great weekend :)

Lori said...

I agree with you on #9. How exciting your Spring Break is here! Enjoy your time off! We are almost done with school for the year here in Missouri, about 7 weeks left or so. MAP testing is coming up....UGH! I haven't had to do MAP testing in a long time. I am ready to go back to preschool. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I don't remember anything about my 21st birthday either. I don't have a journal, but I do have tapes. I'm sure I told the story.

CountryDew said...

Snow? Yikes. Happy spring break to you! Hope you can do something fun.

Stacy said...

Hooray for spring break...we'll just ignore the snow part. Smiling about the OCD comment. Everyone always jokes about that, but we are learning to deal with our grandson's very real OCD and humor is the best way to go. It's really sort of funny when a 4 year old tells you all the doors need to be shut (or some such thing) and then proceeds to wait while you do it and there's no budging him until you do whatever it is. It's forcing me to be a bit neater, a bit more particular about things so it doesn't stress HIM. So in a round about way I guess we're back to OCD can be a good thing. lol

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Sweet... Spring Break.. tra la...

OCD is probably a good thing, you are right, especially now-a-days when we are ruled by a time clock in factories and every other organization, public or private. ;)

Have fun with the knitting!