friday 5



  1. Who are your three latest celebrity crushes? George Clooney, Sam Hughen, Jesse L. Martin
  2. What three strange things have you done during the pandemic? I stopped watching tv and movies, stopped going on whirlwind road trips, stopped going out to eat
  3. What three goals do you have for the weekend? sleep, catch up with some friends, read
  4. What three things are you avoiding? cleaning, recycling boxes, cleaning
  5. What three things are you feeling pretty good about? my second vaccine, lesson planning, spring


Kimberly @ kimberussell.com said...

I feel you on the avoiding cleaning part. Part of me is all wired to clean because it's spring, the other part wants to read books and laze.

onebadscrivener said...

George Clooney is pretty dreamy. I especially like him in O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Up in the Air. I saw Up in the Air three times in the theater.