friday 5


The Winner Is:

This is your lucky day, because in an age where everyone gets a ribbon, on this day everyone gets all the ribbons!

  1. Why did you receive this week’s Special Helper ribbon? I helped a colleague with a tricky union issue
  2. Why did you receive this week’s Good Sport ribbon? I encouraged an annoying colleague in a genuine manner--I didn't internally roll my eyes
  3. Why did you receive this week’s Attentive Listener ribbon? One of my students has been absent this week and when she returned today she was full of chatter and I didn't shut her down
  4. Why did you receive this week’s Good Manners ribbon? I won a prize and sent a thank you note
  5. Why did you receive this week’s Clean & Tidy ribbon? for leaving my classroom organized, tidy, and dusted which is actually code for I didn't feel like working at the end of the day so I puttered around

1 comment:

onebadscrivener said...

Yay for suppressing the eyeroll impulse. I had a colleague who never spoke to me. Like, I'd say good morning and she would grunnt. This went on for a couple of years! She was K-8 and I was 9-12, so we didn't exactly work together and this made it possible for no conversation at all, although we shared a work room.

One morning I got to the work room and could see the copier was driving her crazy. I asked if she wanted help. She just said, "This thing is being impossible!"

So I found the jam and cleared it (I was the copier whisperer at our school), and she never said thank you, but from then on when I said good morning, I always got a good morning back. People are funny. And maybe your encouragement is the tide-shifter. :)