I am...

Listening to:  I'm just about to start listening to Black Buck

Loving:  the gorgeous flowers I bought myself Saturday

Thinking:  I'm in a state-wide internet/phone/cable outage

Feeling:  annoyed because of the internet outage, the overly-long faculty meeting, and I lost a piece of paper that had today's poem written on it (I'm more annoyed because I can't locate the paper than anything)

Celebrating:  I get my second vaccine Wednesday!  I also have someone who will take over book group that evening if I'm not feeling well.

Grateful for:  getting vaccinated--I can't wait to have a proper visit with my parents!

Weather: it is 45° and overcast--we woke up to snow!  But it melted quickly, so, that's good.

Enjoying:  one of the new dresses I bought arrived today and it's super comfy--and has pockets!

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The Gal Herself said...

You're almost there! Two weeks from Wednesday and you're fully vaccinated! So exciting.