ten things tuesday

1) Your ideal morning routine: whenever I can wake up without an alarm--that starts the day off just great!

2) What luck means to you: to me, luck is when the odds are in your favor--or, when the stars align and something happens without me making it happen

3) A fictional character you'd like to switch places with: today I'll be bold and say Robin Ellacot from the Cormoran Strike mystery series.

4) One thing you can't live without: the internet

5) The most important qualities in a friend: presence and availability

6) Your favorite pet: my beloved childhood dog, Mopsie 

7) How are you feeling today? most excellent:  I had my first dose of the vaccine today and feel relieved

8) A family recipe: Super soup

9) Something you think should be banned: ridiculing people for liking things you don't necessarily like

10) A cause you are passionate about: lifelong education opportunities 

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