ten things tuesday

 Ten random things:

1) During my first-period class my phone rang with the hospital's number popping up--in a panic, I answered (during class!!!) but it was thankfully nothing serious, a reminder to get my bloodwork done this week.  

2) I registered for the lab and will go in tomorrow around 6 am.  It's fasting labs so earlier is better.  Plus, I'm teaching from home so I have the wiggle room of time.

3) I admit I've been lax about my lymphedema care in the past few weeks.  My ankles have swollen, they are out of control.  But I'm pumping again and wearing the compression garments again.  I notice a difference after three days.  I've got to remain vigilant.  I know what works.  

4) The spring weather allows me to comfortably wear dresses again.  

5) One of my colleagues really flew off the handle today over something that was kind of a non-issue.  He got so heated so fast, I was flummoxed.  It definitely was not the time to tell him to chill out.  I did say that I had written emails to clarify the situation.

6) I had more students join class remotely than in person today.

7) Even though I went to bed relatively early last night, I struggled to get out of bed this morning.  And I didn't have comfortable sleep--I was too hot.  I felt like I was trapped between a fever and a hot flash. 

8) The book I'm reading is the first of a new series and I can't wait to read more!  I'll be finished it shortly and will review it.

9) The gerbera daisies I got this weekend are such a vivid red--this is without filters:

10) Tonight I made the TikTok Tomato Feta Pasta--and added shrimp.  It's a good thing I loved it because I have a LOT leftover.  It is so simple and delicious.

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The Gal Herself said...

#3 -- You made me feel guilty, and that's a good thing! I haven't moved much this past week because I've been so busy with work, I thought I deserved a break. But I know what will happen with my back and leg. I really should give myself a break by taking better care of myself.

I need sunglasses to look at that daisy!