ten things tuesday

1. A song that makes you feel cool.  Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson
2. A song that you can relate to.  Changes by David Bowie
3. The last song that was stuck in your head. Blue by Eiffel 65
4.  Your favorite song from a musical. This is Me from The Greatest Showman
5. Your favorite song from the 70s. The Chain by Fleetwood Mac (well, everything from Rumours)
6. Your least favorite song from a band you like. No More Lockdown by Van Morrison
7. A song you think is underrated. Fool's Gold by One Direction
8. An album you think is underrated.  U2's Pop
9.  A song you never want to hear again. Happy Birthday To You
10. A song you love but used to hate. Respect Yourself by Madonna

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

So what's up with you and Happy Birthday? Is it that you hate having all eyes trained on you?

BTW, I'm stealing this.