saturday 9


Fooled By A Feeling

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
Chosen because next week is April Fool's Day. 

1) Some believe that the practice of playing tricks on one another on April 1 dates back to the 14th century because it's mentioned in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. Geoffrey Chaucer is considered one of England's greatest poets. From memory, quote a bit of poetry for us. (It doesn't have to be English, or great.) Grandpa dropped his glasses once in a pot of dye/when he placed them on again, he saw a purple sky... (by Leroy F Jackson)

2) When Crazy Sam was a little girl, her mother would prank her on April Fool's Day by slipping a rubber worm or plastic spider in her lunch box. Did you/do you carry a lunchbox, either as a student or an adult? I have a lunch bag, but it needs replacing

3) In 1998, Burger King got into the April Fool's Day fun by promoting a special "Left Handed Whopper," supposedly perfectly designed for a leftie to hold. Describe your perfect burger. medium-rare to rare, thick but not too thick, well-seasoned, preferably grilled not fried

4) In this week's song, Barbara Mandrell sings that she followed her heart into her lover's arms. Are you more often led by your heart or head? actually--my gut, I follow my gut instinct

5) She knows now she was wrong for believing her man loved her. When did you recently admit you were wrong? oh--I intentionally make mistakes at school to show my students that being wrong doesn't matter

6) Barbara Mandrell recalls being able to read music before she could read words. Can you read sheet music? slowly

7) Barbara had her own TV variety show in the 1980s and, in the 90s, acted on the daytime drama, Sunset Beach. The soap opera's producer, Aaron Spelling, was a huge fan of Barbara's and was thrilled to finally meet and work with her. Tell us about someone you really enjoyed working with, and why.
my work husband, RW, was a mentor and friend, confidant and cheerleader--we were these things to each other.  I did some of my best creative work with him and his retirement had a major and lasting impact on my career

8) In 1979, when this song was released, a top-of-the-line Sony Walkman sold for $150 (approx. $500 in today's dollars). Did you have a portable cassette player back in the day? I had many iterations of them--my favorite had an automatic feature to play the other side of the cassette

9) Random question: What's the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?
should I take my thyroid pill now?


Jodi said...

I never knew they made walkmans that could play the other side.... the whole manually flipping them was a pain! Love your answers! Have a great Saturday!

The Gal Herself said...

Your poem made me smile.

You had a nice Walkman. I remember receiving a cheap knockoff as a holiday gift from a vendor at work. Not only did it not automatically play the other side, it didn't have a rewind button! I felt like a pioneer woman, roughing it, when I listened to that cassette player.

Diana_CT said...

#2 One thing I don't miss at work or school... At noon the bell rang and we all marched to the cafeteria like automatons with our lunch bags and when the bell rang again we marched back to our desks.
As a result now being retired for over 15 years I still feel that I have to eat at noon.

songbird's crazy world said...

Love your poem

Lori said...

I am with you on #4 and #5! I think "gut" is a better answer for #4 and it is good for teachers to make mistakes so the kids know it is ok and how we learn. I do not remember my teachers doing that, but they sure do now. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Teaching students that it's okay to be wrong must be tough when grading a test! LOL

Bev Sykes said...

I liked #7. I'm glad you had such a person in your life.

CountryDew said...

Oh yes, the switching to the other side cassette player! That was top of the line. I read in the paper that cassettes are coming back in style.