I am...

Listening to:  Budapest by George Ezra

Loving:  today's outfit

Thinking:  the ranking term ends on Friday--I will make the transition from teaching standard psychology to sociology.  I love teaching soc, I just hope the students enjoy it, too.

Feeling:  I wish more people at school would take Covid seriously--we've got at least one student who has tested positive and had close contact with many people who are all in quarantine now.  Some of my colleagues are blasé about it yet I'm still sanitizing desks between classes, eating lunch in my room, and isolating.  

Celebrating:  Getting closer and closer to vacation!

Grateful for:  opportunities

Weather: it is 34° and blustery--rainy, sleety, yucky!

Enjoying:  even though the weather is yucky, spring is definitely on the way

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The Gal Herself said...

The weather here has suddenly gotten cold and windy, just in time for Opening Day. Ah, spring!