I am...

Reading:   The Four Winds

Listening to:  cars driving up and down the slushy street

Loving:  I have a couple of professional development opportunities coming up this week and next, they look fascinating!

Thinking:  I get that we are Covid-weary, but we still need to be vigilant.  I'm frustrated that some of my colleagues are easing up on their sanitary and mask practices.

Feeling:  relaxed--I've mellowed out after the white-knuckle drive home from school

Celebrating:   I put a lot of time and effort into lesson planning before vacation and it's paying off--for a few minutes, I feel like I'm caught up 

Grateful for:  the administration let teachers leave early this afternoon due to the storm

Weather: it is 33° and snow/sleeting

Enjoying: I got a SodaStream and I'm getting the hang of it

A quote I want to share:  I made a reference to a tv show jumping the shark... here's where the idiom originated:

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Stacy said...

I totally remember that episode of Happy Days, but never heard anyone use "jumping the shark." Around here most people referred to the whole Dallas fiasco where JR didn't get shot because it was just all a dream Bobby had to describe shows like that.