three on thursday

Thing one: today is my Friday--I took tomorrow off from school.  I've got to have a Covid test and there is a narrow window of opportunity.  It's a half-day of school anyhow.

Thing two: I filed my state and federal taxes after school today.

Thing three: I'm planning a grocery shopping trip tomorrow.  Time to stock up on just about everything.
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The Gal Herself said...

I don't even have my W2 yet! How can you be filed and done?

We're supposed to have the coldest cold snap in over a year, so like you, I stocked up. I decided I'll want a lot of barley soup over the weekend. Chicken noodle reminds me of when I was sick recently, and I worry that clam chowder might be too hard for my gut. So three cans went into the basket -- vegetable barley, beef barley, and (to mix it up!) beef vegetable barley. (I'm a crazy woman!)