ten things tuesday

 Ten bookish questions:

1.  Last book you read:  The Gown by Jennifer Robson

2.  Favorite book of all time: a toss-up between Bel Canto and Pillars of the Earth

3.  Next on your reading list: Girl, Woman, Other

4.  Character you wish you could be: Reine-Marie Gamache

5.  Literary place you wish you could visit: Three Pines, Quebec

6.  Author you'd most love to meet: Louise Penny

7.  Book you'd love to see as a film: Eureka Street: A Novel of Ireland Like No Other

8.  Book you'd read to your child: it depends on how old the child is--but I'd love to share Harry Potter

9.  Favorite genre: literary fiction, mystery, rom-com/chick-lit, and I love a good heist

10. Preferred format: e-book and audiobook

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